Important Information

Family Access : Click the Family Access link to login to see your student's grades.  If you do not have a Family Access login and would like one, please request a Family Access packet from your child's teacher.

School Hours for Teachers 7:40-3:10

Meal Prices:
Students $2.25
Reduced Lunch $0.40
Adults $2.75
Visitors $3.00
Special Meals $5.00

Pay Pams : When you register for Pay Pams you can view your child's meal account balance, receive low balance email reminders, and view daily spending reports and cafeteria purchases.

Lunch is not served when students get out on half days of school.

On abbreviated or half days of school, when students are out at 11:30, dismissal will begin before 11:30.  We will begin with car rider dismissal at 10:40 on these abbreviated days. 

"Random locker checks will be conducted at all grade levels in all Tipton County Schools. The safety of our students is of utmost importance to the faculty, staff, and administration of Tipton County School System."

Home of the Patriots
Achieving, Excelling, and Succeeding


Principal: Mrs. Jill McIntyre
Assistant Principal: Dr. Farrah Cope
Assistant Principal: Mrs. Christy Ross

474 Academic Drive
Covington,TN 38019
Phone: 901-840-9325 
Fax: 901- 475-2793

School Building Hours: 7:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

We, the students of Austin Peay Elementary, pledge to keep our learning environment positive and safe by

        - attending school every day
        - respecting others
        - following school rules
        - and working hard to achieve academic                          growth

                 Be Ready
                 Be Respectful                                Be Responsible

Important Dates

August 2                    Student's First Day-  *Abbreviated Day
August 8                    Student's First Full Day
September 3              Labor Day- No School
October 8-12              Fall Break
October 22 & 29         Parent/Teacher Conferences
November 19-23        Thanksgiving Break
December 21- 
January 2                   Christmas Break
January 3                   Student's First Day 
January 21                 Martin Luther King Day - No School
February 5&12           Parent Teacher Conferences
February 18                Presidents' Day - No School
March 25-29               Spring Break
April 19                       Good Friday - No School
May 23                        Last Day of School - *Abbreviated Day

*On abbreviated days, students are dismissed at 11:30
The Tipton County Schools do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability or age in its programs and activities.