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Bus Conduct

Proper behavior on the bus is required of all students.

The school administrator will take the following steps when a violation
of the Tipton County School Bus Conduct Code occurs:

  • Step #1: Probation, corporal punishment or 3-day bus suspension
  • Step #2: Five-day bus suspension
  • Step #3: Ten-day bus suspension
  • Step #4: Six-weeks bus suspension
  • Step #5: Loss of bus riding privilege for the remainder of the school year



When a student violates the SCHOOL BUS CONDUCT CODE,
the principal or assistant principal will place the student
at the appropriate STEP level.

If the student, during the probation period,
the student advances to the next STEP.

If the student does not violate any SCHOOL BUS CONDUCT CODE during the probation period, the student will be removed from the STEP procedure.



(a) failing to load or unload in an orderly manner STEP #1 = 6 WEEKS

(b) distracting the driver’s attention with loud talking, laughing or unnecessary confusion STEP #1 = 6 WEEKS

(c) eating and drinking on the bus while en route to and from school STEP #1 = 6 WEEKS

(d) cluttering up the aisle with books, lunch boxes, etc. STEP #1 = 6 WEEKS

(e) smoking on the bus while en route to and from school STEP #2 = 6 WEEKS

(f) using vulgar, obscene language or threatening language/gestures STEP #2 = 6 WEEKS

(g) failing to treat bus equipment carefully and maliciously destroying bus equipment and property STEP #2 = 6 WEEKS

(h) refusing to obey the instructions of the school bus driver or designated person STEP #2 = 6 WEEKS

(i) fighting…see Discipline Procedures in the Tipton County Schools Student Handbook

NOTE: Consequences for any of the above and preceding disruptions on the school bus can be covered by STEPS 1 - 5 under the CODE OF STUDENT CONDUCT
at the discretion of the local school administrator.